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We’re Plaidons Responsable by Caritas Luxembourg. Caritas is an NGO providing support to vulnerable people, in Luxembourg and elsewhere. There are deep and growing inequalities in the current economic, political and societal system of our world. Caritas ought to contribute to finding and implementing solutions.

Plaidons Responsable contributes by seeking to persuade all actors of society - the media, politicians, the private sector, younger generations and the general public – to take actions for social and environmental justice.

We want to facilitate access to information and make solutions more accessible for those who want to take action, limit their impact and consume in a more conscious and sustainable manner.


Plaidons Responsable has a long-term overarching goal to ensure that Luxembourg’s society becomes a role model for adapting and implementing the necessary changes to transform its system to an alternative economic model which advocates for social and  environmental justice.

To fulfil this purpose, we use a variety of activities to not only showcase concrete solutions and direct actions people can implement rapidly, but we also conduct in depth work to inform and educate on wider implications of our current problematic societal and economic systems by providing an alternative model. It is crucial for us to provide short- and long-term solutions for systemic change.

We act at different levels of society. We not only expect societies to change their consumption habits, but we also intervene with the political world and the private sector to call out laws, policies and bad practices. We strive to adopt a comprehensive approach in which all sectors and economic activities remain respectful to people worldwide and the planet in their entire chain of activity.

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Through the diversity of our activities, we seek to fulfil our mission and motivate all components of society to make proactive choices to become sustainably conscious actors. Our general goal is to raise awareness and advocate for social and environmental justice. 

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