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[ Event ] Addressing gender challenges in the global work place

Come join us Tuesday 7th March for international women’s day as we gather for a lunch debate with Dr. Başak Bağlayan and Dr. Anthony Lepinteur !

Gender discrimination persists as a reality for countless people in the workforce across the globe. Work culture and the work-life balance are different in every country, this becomes problematic when it implies that certain groups are less protected than others and the access to opportunities is unequal.

For international women’s day, Dr Başak Bağlayan and Dr. Anthony Lepinteur are invited to debate on gender challenges in the global work place.

Dr. Anthony Lepinteur will deliver a presentation on well-being and the pressure of the ‘second-shift’. The second-shift refers to housework responsibilities taken on in addition to a paid employment.

Dr. Başak Bağlayan will discuss the importance of a gender lens for responsible business conduct (RBC) and why it matters in global supply chains. She will notably focus on the social aspect and present the OECD due Diligence guidelines for RBC.

Structure of event

  • 12h-12h15: welcome

  • 12h15-13h: presentation

  • 13h-13h30: Q&A session (questions can be asked in English, French, German or Luxemburgish)

  • 13h30-14h: networking

A vegan catering is at the disposal of the participants at any time of the event.



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