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Hi, we're Plaidons  Responsable! 

Plaidons Responsable is a department by Caritas Luxembourg. We are supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, more specifically the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs. We conduct education for citizenship through a change-oriented approach.


We advocate for social and environmental justice by bringing attention to Luxembourg’s current societal and economic models. Indeed, Luxembourg is one of the most polluting countries in the world, ranking 162nd out of 163 countries in the Spillover Ranking*. By taking the 162nd place, Luxembourg is the second to last country with the worst impact on other countries. Our current system is predominantly based on economic growth, with little to no consideration of the consequences on people and the planet worldwide.


We hope to trigger a change in mind-sets, focusing less on growth and striving towards a more sustainable model in which the wellbeing of people and the plant are prioritized. Ultimately, the change in mind-sets should be reflected through actions by all actors of the civil society.

*Each country's actions can have positive or negative effects on other countries' abilities to achieve the SDGs.
The Spillover Index assesses such spillovers along three dimensions: environmental & social impacts embodied into trade, economy & finance, and security. A higher score means that a country causes more positive and fewer negative spillover effects.

Meet the team

Our structure

Plaidons Responsable is a department by Caritas Luxembourg. Our work is mostly centred on two axes although they overlap each other on many occasions. On the one side advocacy work which challenges all components of Luxembourg’s society for better social and environmental justice. On the other side awareness-raising activities specifically focused on the issues of the textile industry. 

The activities hosted by the Lët’z Refashion are expanding to welcome events

regarding other consumption aspects and promote alternative economic models as tackled through our advocacy work. We hope to make Lët’z Refashion an incubator to mobilise and gather people and good initiatives to propagate the urgency and necessity for social and environmental justice.

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