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Policy analysis and advocacy

By following worldwide news daily, we attempt to bring attention to cases of human rights violations around the world. Using the news in the media, we attempt to bring attention on how actions, decisions and policies from Luxembourg impact social issues abroad. 

Indeed, many policies implemented in Luxembourg have detrimental effects abroad, often impacting less developed countries. We advocate rectifying, adapting or retracting certain policies for more social and environmental justice.

Reciprocally, we spread the news when progress is being made. We are often surrounded by overwhelmingly negative news but it remains crucial to celebrate the wins as well.


Tools and action plans

Most of our activities are aimed at being short term. Although we might follow the topic on a regular basis, it’s usually a one shot event and we can’t be sure of the outcomes after the event. 

However, with the development of tools and action plans, we get to go more in-depth in addressing an issue. This activity is mostly aimed at decision-makers and politicians, those who have some power in initiating structural change.

They are usually longer term projects for which it’s easier to track the outcome as we can expect a reaction and feedback of decision-makers and politicians as we usually address them directly.  

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