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Educational workshops

We are often solicited to animate workshops. Through our workshops we seek to raise awareness on specific topics and bring concrete solutions to the audience by demonstrating direct actions and changes they can implement on a daily basis for social and environmental justice. 

We predominantly hold workshops in high schools but we organise workshops in companies as well.  Of course we adapt the content depending on the audience and the expectations. 

The workshops can be done in one or two sessions depending on the length of the workshops. The sessions are often split between theory and practice.

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Our Workshops

Discover our workshops ! If you're a high school teacher and want to invite us in the context of your curriculum, or your company wishes to educate your employees on one of our topics, do not hesitate to invite us to hold one of our workshops. Contact us through the contact form in the 'Social media & contact' section. 



The aim of the workshop is to make the participants aware of human trafficking, to familiarise them with the key concepts of (in)decent work, which exists both in low-, middle- and high- income countries, such as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This workshop invites them to sharpen their critical thinking through games and debates, and encourages them to find and improve the situation.

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