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Awareness raising campaign

We organise and participate to conferences, seminars, debates, discussions etc. on human rights issues and how human rights are impacted by climate change.

We often organise lunch-debates or lunch-talks. We invite one or multiple speakers to talk about a specific topic. When we have multiple speakers we have a diverse panel with people from citizen initiatives, European or international institutions and an academic/a researcher. 

Following the speakers, we open the floor to the audience so they have a chance to ask questions or comment on what has been discussed. This is a great opportunity to further our knowledge, learn about innovative projects and expand our network.


​Campaign on textile

Our biggest awareness raising campaign is on textile.  There are many issues in the entire production chain of garments and even in the way garments are being disposed of.  Caritas Luxembourg through its Plaidons Responsible team has 2 projects on textile. 

For more information on Rethink Your Clothes and Lët’z Refashion, please visit the website: Home - Rethink your clothes



An awareness raising campaign led by Caritas Luxembourg in partnership with Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg. We have been mandated by the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Together, we aim to sensitize the wider public on social and environmental issues of the textile industry. 

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